Kad Africa: farming for social inclusion of Ugandan women

May 26th, 2016 – We are proud to announce the closing of our second deal in beautiful Uganda: KAD AFRICA ESTATE, social enterprise located in the Western province of Fort Portal. The investment - partially funded by a grant from our partner SEA Group - materialized after the completion of a thorough process of strategic and technical assistance, provided in the context of the  USAID-PACE EA investment readiness program. The deal, led by the Opes team, involved 2 other PACE partners (Montpelier Foundation - UK, VanHoops Holdings - US) as well as 3 individuals.

Kad Africa was founded by Kenyan/Ugandan entrepreneur Eric Kaduru together with his American wife Rebecca Mason. The business farms and distributes passion fruit, with a mixed model meant to include in the farming process also a network of young women living in poverty.

About one forth of the Ugandan population is today living below the poverty line, particularly in rural areas, and the women represent one of  the weakest segments. To mitigate such situation, Kad Africa structured a program dedicated specifically to "Out-of-School Girls", young women who dropped out from school and cannot access any employment opportunity.

Today Kad Africa is farming directly 6 acres of land, and another 10 acres are farmed by 150 girls, organized in in mini-cooperatives and supported through dedicated agronomic training and supplied with good quality agricultural inputs. Their production is fully absorbed by Kad Africa, and distributed to customers.

The investment raised by KadAfrica will be used to grow the scale and broaden the network, with the target to include 5.000 girls within the next 10 years. The vision is to start exporting the passion fruits in the neighboring countries and, in the mid-long run, to start a pulping facility so to increase the added value of the production.