With The Water Shop to offer safe and affordable drinking water

Naivasha (Kenya) March 2nd, 2015 – It's a great pleasure to announce the closing of an investment in The Water Shop Naivasha Ltd., Kenyan social enterprise whose mission is the distribution of purified, safe drinking water at affordable prices.

The Company, founded by the local entrepreneur Antony Kamotho and his wife Njambi, extracts, purifies and distributes drinking water (both in bottles and through refills) branded "Purefresh".  It's estimated that in Kenya around 17 million individuals (43% of the total population) cannot access safe drinking water. More specifically, in the town of Naivasha - agricultural town, in the beautiful Rift Valley - the main problem is the very high level of fluoride, which can cause very serious deseases such as the skeletal fluorosis or the dental fluorosis.

The Water Shop extracts the water from a borehole, treats it in a RO plant and sells the purified water through a network of 4 shops, serving about 2,000 households every week. The pricing is much lower than the market standards so that the "Purefresh" water can be afforded also by low-income households.

Thanks to the investment, The Water Shop will test an innovating distribution model based on the usage of vending machines, to be located inside existing small shops: the goal is to gradually expand the network hence the number of customers, first in Naivasha and eventually covering also the neighboring town of Nakuru, capital of the county.