Proud of "our" partners who contributed to the success of SEWF2015!

The 2015 edition of the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) held in Milan from 1 to 3rd of July will surely be remembered for a large audience, absurdly hot temperature but most of all for the vast diversity of experiences who got presented on stage at Expo and IULM university.

We at Opes firmly believe that the best way to communicate our mission is to let our actions speak on our behalf. And we have proudly followed the presentations given by our partner entrepreneurs (Antony Kamoto of The Water Shop Naivasha, Rustam Sengupta of Boond, Sophia Grinvalds of Afripads and Fabio De Pascale of Devergy - stay tuned...) who in different moments of the event could describe their experience, giving very concrete evidence about their trajectory so far, the results they could achieve as well as the many challenges they are going to face in the near future. To all of them, our sincere thanks. See you very soon, arrivederci!