Production at EcoPost's new manufacturing site is ramping-up!

Nairobi, 28th Jan 2015 - The new production line of EcoPost, installed in late August 2014, is allowing a quick ramp-up of volume. The increased capacity will allow the Company to satisfy the relevant demand expressed by the market for its posts and lumbers made by recycled plastic waste.
The new line is allowing Ecopost to offer a wider and more sophisticated range of products. The third week of January has recorded the all-time-high, with almost 7 tons of plastic processed, up from the weekly average of 1.5 tons in October-December 2014.
The Company right now is employing directly 33 people and has indirectly created more than 60 jobs for waste pickers who collect the plastic waste used as raw material). In 2015 EcoPost is expecting the capacity expansion due to the new line to allow for a very relevant growth of sales volumes, hence a greater social impact, both in terms of employment generation and volume of recycled waste.