With Boond, to bring energy to non-electrified villages in rural India

Milan, 5 Jun 2014 - At the end of a long journey, we are happy to officially announce that Opes has become a shareholder in  Boond Engineering and Development, social enterprise headquartered in Delhi and operating in the rural districts of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

The Company, founded in 2010 by Rustam Sengupta, distributes and installs small solar systems in houses and small-scale production sites in the non-electrified rural districts in two of the poorest States of India. The issue is extremely relevant: almost half of Indians are estimated to have very limited (or nil) access to electricity. Villagers are mostly forced to turn to kerosene lamps, expensive and highly polluting, despite the evident health risk.

Boond offers to its customers an adequate technology at affordable prices, thanks to the partnership established with local financial institutions who are disbursing dedicated microloans.  Furthermore, the Company offers customer support both in the installation and post-sale phases by establishing a network of local technicians, duly trained by Boond's experts.