With Sudiksha to develop affordable pre-schools in Indian cities

Milan, 31 may 2014 – We are happy to announce the closing of an equity investment in Sudiksha Knowledge Solutions, social enterprise based in Hyderabad (Andra Pradesh) who provides quality pre-school education at affordable prices to low-income urban households. 

The deal, structured and led by the teams of Fondazione Opes and Pearson Affordable Learning Fund has involved a pool of 7 co-investors, both international and domestic.

Almost 50% of Indian children is estimated to abandon school before reaching 12 years. One of the main reasons for this huge dispersion is the lack of stimulation received in pre-scholar age, due to the impossibility to enrole in pre-schools  (which are too expensive and out or reach for low income households). Sudiksha, founded and managed by Naveen Kumar, today is managing a chain of 22 pre-schools  – attended by 1000+ kids - who apply affordable fees to dwellers of the slums of Hyderabad. The Company manages to offer a quality service at low prices by reducing as much as possible its operational expenses: the learning materials are developed and produced internally and the teachers are recruited within the same community.

The financial support provided by Opes and other co-investors is meant to allow the Company to develop an effective model to expand the network: Sudiksha will select women entrepreneurs to open new schools in their neighborhoods, and will support them in the start-up and ongoing management of operations. The goal is to gradually expand the service to other big cities in India.