Production of posts and lumbers from recycled plastic waste


Description of the enterprise

Ecopost recycles plastic waste to produce eco-friendly plastic lumbers and materials for construction, that are used to replace similar products made of wood.

The problem/ The opportunity

In Kenya, as in many other countries, waste management is an unsolved emergency. Plastic waste, in particular, is a huge challenge: because of the absence of collection and treatment systems, plastic waste is abandoned in the street or thrown in illegal dumps. At the same time, the use of wood as construction material has worsened the phenomenon of deforestation, which in Kenya has become extremely serious.

The solution proposed by the enterprise

Ecopost is sourcing the plastic from independent collection centers where working groups – usually women – separate various types of material collected in the streets or dumps. The plastic attributed to Ecopost is processed in a plant that, by extrusion, turns waste into fencing lumbers, supports for road signs and other construction materials. Ecopost is generating significant employment (both directly and indirectly), while contributing to reduce the need to use wood.