Copia Global

Efficient distribution of consumer goods in peri-urban and rural areas

Copia Global

Description of the enterprise

Copia operates in peri-urban areas of Nairobi and can be defined as a distribution channel to efficiently reach consumers at the Bottom of the Pyramid. The goal is to develop an efficient and scalable distribution system, which could be replicated into other areas of Kenya as well as in other African countries.

The problem/ The opportunity

Outside of the centers of big cities, in Africa there are no distribution chains which are able to reach peri-urban and rural consumers: this makes access to even the most necessary products very expensive for low-income households, both in terms of price and time required to travel to a point of sale.

The solution proposed by the enterprise

Copia aims to solve the problem by introducing a system of catalogue sale, offering wide assortment at affordable (and certain) prices even in the less central areas. Consumers can consult the Copia catalog and place orders via mobile phone at small shops run by “Copia Agents”, women from the same community, who act as point of order and delivery.