In our vision, Impact Investment initiatives should support the development of enterprises that aim at achieving a relevant and long-lasting social impact through the adoption of financially sustainable business models.

The social mission would not be enough, without a clear entrepreneurial project and a realistic chance of financial sustainability; the financial return perspective would not be enough, without the authentic motivation to produce social change.

That's why our guiding principle is to select companies that have

3 key features


knowledgeable, highly motivated and showing authentic social commitment


Clear and with realistic perspective of financial sustainability


Clearly defined, relevant and measurable

To enterprises that present such features, we can offer support both in form of investment (usually providing equity or quasi-equity capital) and - when necessary - as technical assistance, delivered through partner service providers, selected depending on the specific need.

Geographic Focus

During the first phase of activity, our operations have been mainly in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania) and in India.

In the mid-term, we plan to gradually expand our geographic focus both to other emerging Countries and to Italy, provided that we can identify opportunities consistent with our criteria.

Business Sector

We give priority to entreprises who offer solutions to alleviate the most persistent problems affecting low-income population:

access to safe water


basic health services

waste management

access to electricity

small-scale farming

Life-Cycle Phase

In our opinion financial vehicles backed by philanthropic capital should focus on early-stage companies, those who are testing and validating new business models. It is precisely during the early-stage that there is a greater gap between investment needs and available capital, and in which the hybrid initiatives such as Opes can make a difference.

Return expectations

As we leverage on philanthropic resources, we can offer patient capital to high-impact enterprises. This does not mean that we can do without a moderate financial return, as this is key to ensure the long-term sustainability of our initiative (all revenues will be re-invested in new businesses).